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Image Credit: Arsinoe Ferry

Julie Rozelle Contreras

I’m an amateur gardener and professional graphic designer living with her husband, two kids and an extremely loyal cat in the Northern California Bay Area (Sunset climate zone #15). My love for gardening started when I was about seven, when I discovered that sunflower seeds found in birdseed when buried and watered regularly grow into another sunflower! Magic! Ever since then, my love for making things grow under my hand has only increased, as has my love for learning from my failures and successes.


Over time, however, I’ve come to understand that gardening isn’t entirely magic, and that anyone can garden with the right know how—it’s just science! Gardening can be for anyone who wants to try—it just takes practice…and nerve.


I also love being out with my family in nature. California is an amazing place to hike, camp and be outside almost all year. And my little secret: I’m a complete geek over native plants and bird identification wherever I go. It’s pretty annoying, unless you are into that sort of thing.

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